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Burmese Cooking Class on March 16

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It’s been a while since my last post! I’ve been REALLY busy getting an exciting nonprofit venture off the ground. This is a social enterprise called Project Feast that provides training and opportunities to refugees and immigrants in the food industry. It shouldn’t be surprising that this startup too is all about food!

We’ve been very focused so far on working with Burmese cooks. This is a cuisine that Veena’s Market customers are bound to love. Much like India, Burma has a lot of diversity in religion, ethnicity, and food. The Seattle area has become home for many people from the various communities of Burma with a lot of diversity in religion, language and cuisine. While the Burmese cuisine is influenced by that of its neighbors – India, China and Thailand – its flavors are unique, fresh and delicious.

I get many requests for cooking classes. I wanted to share a unique opportunity with Seattle area readers of this blog. Project Feast is offering a unique cooking class in partnership with Crooked Trails on March 16th. Come taste the flavors of Burma at a hands-on cooking class.

Our class will be taught by Annie P from the Karen community of Burma through a translator. We will be featuring a family style menu reminiscent of how most Burmese, and how Annie’s family eat at home. There will be a mix of hot and cold, spicy and mild, dishes served with rice. We will make a flavorful curried chicken dish, a mix and match salad bar, rice, along with fresh herbs and raw vegetables on the side. In addition, we’ll have sweet treats to munch on while cooking.

We will be doing a wine tasting with Masquerade Wines before we get started cooking. 10% of wine sales will benefit Crooked Trails. 

Date: March 16th from 5:30-9:00pm
Venue: Private residence in Magnolia (address will be sent upon payment)
There are a couple of spots left. To reserve your spot , please email chris@crookedtrails.org AND purchase a ticket at the link.

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