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Eating Indian food Indian style

Ever see anyone eat sushi with a fork and knife? I did once. At a Japanese restaurant. He didn’t even want to try. I know it takes practice – it took me months of diligent practice before I could eat somewhat gracefully without half my stir fry falling on the floor. As much as a fork and knife feel out of placeĀ in an Asian restaurant, chopsticks feel alien at a steak restaurant. So if table manners are contextual, why do I see so many people at Indian restaurants eating with implements? And does it matter?

Honestly, I love that Indian food is so popular in many countries outside of India. I’m proud of my heritage and I think it’s great that people enjoy their chicken curry and rotis in their own way. Still, I do wish that people would try. It’s fun to tear off a piece of the bread and use that to spoon some curry into their mouths. As my dad says (and if he hasn’t said it, it’s what he would say), it just tastes better that way. Like eating on a banana leaf. But I digress.

So instead of just bitching about it, I thought I’d be the Indian friend who shows you how. I hope this helps you get started!

So the next time you’re at an Indian restaurant, go ‘native’ and impress your date! Just make sure you’ve washed up first.



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