Iraqi and Sudanese cooking classes as well!

At Veena’s Market, we love so many cuisines! I just shared the South Indian cooking class in a previous post. Here are two more really cool opportunities!

Project Feast’s pilot training sessions have been in full swing these last two months. We have a Burmese group that started a month ago, and a Middle Eastern group that is almost done training. We also have a large group that will start training at the King County Housing Authority’s Greenbridge Center next week. Exciting times!

Recently, we taught cooking class facilitation skills to a Middle Eastern group in partnership with the Lutheran Community Services Northwest. Brian Donkersley, a volunteer with Project Feast, attended and took these pictures below.

Some of the women who completed the training, will be teaching cooking classes!

Rana and Sundus, both from Iraq will be teaching a class together on July 13th, Saturday from 11:30-2:30, also at Lutheran Community Services Center. Their initial menu had 10 dishes on it and we really had to work with them to bring it down to 6! We will be learning how to make chicken beryani, maqluban (a dish with cauliflower and chicken), oat soup, date halawa, vegetarian salad and nabulsi kunafa, a dessert with cheese. Tickets are $35 each and can be purchased here.

Rehab, a soft spoken lady from Sudanhas designed a menu with many middle eastern favorites such as falafel and hummus. There will also be Sudanese chicken and rice, chickpea salad, and a Sudanese dessert called kunafa. We are offering her Sudanese cooking class to the public on July 9th (postponed to July 23rd from 6-9pm where you will not only learn Rehab’s recipes but also get to eat as a group. This class will be at the open kitchen at the Lutheran Community Services Center. Tickets are $35 each and can be purchased here.


Photo credit for all photos: Brian Donkersley

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