Just Label It, WA state

You might have already heard about the Just Label It Campaign. It’s about specifying which food ingredients have been produced through genetic engineering, information that more than 90% of Americans would like to see. I’m writing about this today because here in WA state, the Label It WA campaign is working to get 320,000 signatures in order to get I-522, Washington state initiative to label GMOs, on the ballot in 2013.

Registered voters in WA state: here’s your chance to do something. Please go add your signature to get I-522 on the ballot at any of these locations. Around Seattle, you can sign at any of the PCC locations in addition to many others. It must be done in person, it cannot be done online.

As a consumer and a small business, I think this is fantastic. Today, the only way to know for sure that you are not eating anything that is genetically modified is to buy organic. For many, this is unfortunately prohibitively expensive. For a small business owner like me, this labeling law would be more work initially. It may mean that my sourcing strategy will change. It will definitely mean that I will need new labels. But I’m happy to do this since it means better information and potentially improved food systems for all.

California will be voting on their initiative to label GMOs. Let’s make sure we can do the same next year! Thanks for reading and making a difference!

I wish you a fantastic weekend full of delicious food.




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2 responses to “Just Label It, WA state

  1. Mandy

    Does GMO food affect your ability to figure out if a food is allergy-safe? I’ve never thought about it before, and now I’m curious.

    • Great question! The answer is technically no because common allergens have to be called out regardless of whether they are genetically modified or not. But here’s something to consider: GMO wheat for example has more gluten than traditional wheat. One of the theories for why we are seeing more food allergies recently is that we are eating GMO wheat and other crops. Something like 60% of all processed food is supposed to contain GMO wheat, soy, corn or one of their byproducts. So you’re most likely getting some (or a lot) genetically engineered ingredients in your diet whether you know it or not.

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