Raghu Dixit – India’s Rising Star

raghu dixit project performing at Neumos in seattle

Raghu dixit project performing at Neumos in Seattle. Photo credit Susan Wojahn

A couple of weeks ago, Raghu Dixit, an upcoming Indian music star was on tour in Seattle. I’d never heard of him (I must admit that I’m pretty dense about any music scene) but my friend Susan had. I went though I was tired and it was a weekday evening. And boy am I glad that I did. Raghu Dixit is originally from Mysore but is based in Bangalore, where I grew up. And his music is at once Indian and modern, folksy and popular, soulful and lively. Those are each tough combinations, and he (and his awesome band) does them all with ease and authenticity. And I think that this is what I like most about him and his music: his music is rooted in South Indian folk music and poems but it has wings.

Not only does this guy have an amazing voice, but his music is multilingual: Raghu sings in Kannada, English and Hindi.

So with that, I leave you with a few clips of awesomeness. Crank up the volume and enjoy!

Hey Bhagawan

Yaadon Ke Kyari

(for the Kannada speakers, don’t you love the mosoru anna references?!)

Mysore Se Aayi

Neene Beku


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