How to Make Saag Paneer

saag paneer

Saag Paneer

Saag Paneer has got to be one of the most popular dishes in Indian restaurants! I helped my friends produce this video for Allercipes on how to make authentic saag paneer. Don’t want to round up all the spices yourself? Check out our Saag recipe kit!

How to Make Saag Paneer




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4 responses to “How to Make Saag Paneer

  1. Great video! The folding in of the cream at the end with all of the wonderful ingredients was mouth watering. Palak paneer is one of my go-to dishes when I’m unsure of a dhaba. One question though…Saag in the US is prepared with spinach although this is referred to Palak in India as the video mentioned. True saag in India is made with mustard leaves correct?

    • Thanks Chris, though I just did the cooking! What is usually served in the US is Palak Paneer as it is only made with spinach. You’re right, mustard leaves are used in India for “Saag” or Sarson Ka Saag. But Saag just means greens. And when I make Saag Paneer, I like to use a mix of greens. The mustard leaves that you get in the US are not always as tender either. My favorite thing to do is to buy whatever greens are available fresh that week at the farmers market and mix a couple! Tat soy, mizuna, tender mustard, spinach, chard all work great.

      • Thank you for the quick lesson. It’s so fascinating continuing to learn about Indian cuisine. Just like India, as soon as you think you understand one thing it envelopes into something so much more interesting. If you ever need a taste tester 😉

      • And I learn a lot from your posts too! You’ve traveled around India a lot more than I have.

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