Bangalore City Market

Bangalore is India’s IT and call center hub. There is now an industrial suburb of Bangalore called Electronic City. In the midst of all the shiny and modern buildings that are coming up, it was heartening to see old style commerce in the heart of old Bangalore, in the K.R. Market. It is named after the Wodeyaar king Krishnarajendra but more commonly known as City Market.

It’s been more than four years since I was last in India. It all looks so familiar but also so very different from the India I grew up in. I have almost six weeks to visit family and friends and travel around South India. To follow my updates from the road more regularly, you can follow my Facebook feed.

I visited the City Market today at 10am. All the hustle and bustle of the dawn wholesale market had died down and the vendors had settled down in their spots to sell to ordinary people, to you and me. It was still a riot of activity and color. Fortunately, the vendors loved getting their pictures taken. Here is a photo essay. I hope to head back to the market another time for an early morning visit.

Hills of variously hued kumkum, the powder that women apply to their forehead and head

Flowers for worshiping, decorating and fixing in women's hair

Beautiful flowers

The flower market

Diyas or little clay lamps

Everyone wanted their picture taken!

A laundry business in one corner of the market uses parked two wheelers instead of clotheslines.

A lovely, and shy, lady selling oranges in the fruit market

A thriving market in the heart of Bangalore



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7 responses to “Bangalore City Market

  1. pkom

    How lovely! I recommend visiting Russell Market also. It has it’s own identity, with slipper-eared goats wandering around, stacks of dried spices and fresh fish!

  2. The most crowded place I have ever visited. I was at this market in August 2009, the day before Ganesh Chaturthi and it was PACKED! I too posted a photo essay of my experience that you can see here

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