The Why of Veena’s Market

Last Friday was the end of another long week of never ending to-do lists with items taking three times as long to get done as they should. I wondered if I should force things or let them take their own path to completion. Was I getting anywhere? What am I doing? Help!

While I LOVE my ‘job’ at Veena’s Market, I do have my moments of frustration. Thankfully, this article came up in my inbox and re-ignited the passion for my mission: To bring diversity to people’s home cooking by making it easy to cook authentic and healthy food from around the world. I thought you may want to know the ‘why’ behind Veena’s Market.

Why do I care about people cooking at home?

As the article states, I believe cooking and eating brings people together in a very special way. In my December Newsletter, I quoted author Bell Hooks who wrote, “In evoking that sense of breaking bread, we call upon the various traditions of sharing that take place in domestic, secular, and sacred life where we come together to give of ourselves to one another fully, to nurture life, to renew our spirits, sustain our hope”.  While eating is a basic necessity of all life, partaking of food together and the conversations that go along with it, elevate the experience to a level that perhaps only humans* enjoy.

Why do I care about food from around the world?

Why do I breathe? Same thing. While I grew up in India and love the food culture of my country of birth, I need diversity in what I eat. There are many other cuisines that I like. While I can enjoy them by eating out, I appreciate being able to expand my home cooking repertoire. One of the most affordable adventures in the world to pick a dish from a cuisine that you have never cooked before, go on a hunt for the ingredients and chop, slice, mix and stir yourself into a frenzy until you can, finally, sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Enjoy, hopefully, with family and friends. Or at least commiserate on how much fun the experience was and then order pizza. Nah, I’m sure y’all are successful in whatever you try!

Now I know that if you’re actually reading this post, you’re like me. When someone asks why you eat food from around the world, you probably answer George Bernard Shaw like “Why not!”

So there you have it. This is why. Just thought that you should know. And now it’s Monday and I’m back to my to-do list with gusto! Lists, actually. There are three of them. I think.

Have a great week and I hope you get everything on your to-do list done.


*Perhaps other mammals enjoy being social while eating? I don’t know, I’m no zoologist.



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7 responses to “The Why of Veena’s Market

  1. So true, Veena! It does feel like an adventure when I set out to tackle an exotic cuisine, or an elaborate dish I’ve never made before. And as you say, best yet is being able to share it with others! 🙂 (Next up for me: making homemade mustard!)

  2. You’re a wonderwoman, Veena. I got such a chuckle out of this post. As you so aptly put it, the “why” is so important, as it directs all you do and is what keeps you focused when you hit those bumps in the road! Good luck juggling those many to-do lists and many thanks for the spot of wisdom in my day! -Hannah

    • If I were, I’d have checked everything off those lists by now! I always knew the why but it feels good to have written and shared it. Thanks for stopping by.


    Hi Veena,

    Nice to see your blog. ” Family that eats together, stay together ” Good that you are spreading the spirit in peoples lives.
    Best wishes,


  4. Paris

    heheh you are so funny! ♪♫ and variety is the spice of life! 🙂

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