{Dec Newsletter} Breaking Bread with Family and My Wish for You

Can you believe it’s December already?

Time seems to be flying faster than ever before. People are busier than even last year and many are working longer hours. There is less time to relax and get together with loved ones. I worry about the impacts of our busy lifestyles on our health and relationships.

In my past life in the corporate world, getting people together over food was always a salve for a busy work week. When I worked 15-16 hour days, taking a lunch break to get fresh lemonade and pretzel at the local Amish market was a much needed mental break. I made lifelong friendships over impromptu invitations to simple pasta dinners. Now, as the founder of Veena’s Market, food plays a more central and conscious role in my life. I take pleasure in cooking for others. Nothing makes me happier than having a dinner party where guests arrive early and help me finish cooking. But in our ‘on the go’ society, how many people have the time to regularly cook from scratch? For those that are interested in cooking and learning something new, I sincerely hope I’m making your task a little bit easier with our recipe kits.

Author and social activist Bell Hooks wrote, “In evoking that sense of breaking bread, we call upon the various traditions of sharing that take place in domestic, secular, and sacred life where we come together to give of ourselves to one another fully, to nurture life, to renew our spirits, sustain our hope”. My wish for you this holiday season and in the New Year is to be able to take back some time and get together with loved ones more often. Perhaps over a dinner that you prepare together, drinking a glass of wine while chopping vegetables and catching up on news. Or perhaps over a long and relaxed meal at a restaurant.

Either way, let’s break more bread with our loved ones and renew ourselves in the process. And when you do, bon appétit!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and safe travels!


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