{June Newsletter} Four Reasons to Cook Indian food

“Why cook Indian food when you can buy a pre-made curry from Trader Joe’s or get takeout from a restaurant?” Not many people have time to cook anymore so it’s a good question. It’s a question I get asked occasionally. Thankfully, I have an answer, four good reasons to cook from scratch.
#1 Experience something new with family and friends
I recently got back into Moroccan cuisine after my wonderful neighbor lent me her tagine to cook with. While the lamb was simmering away on a rainy day in Seattle and the sweet aroma of spices enveloped the kitchen, I daydreamed of meandering around sun soaked desert dunes on a camel and shopping in a Marrakesh souk for the best Ras El Hanout. My husband and I have attended community kitchen events where people from the neighborhood get together to cook. Everyone picks a group and each group is assigned a recipe and given ingredients. You might be meeting these people for the first time, as we did, but at the end of the evening after you have cooked together and sat at the same table to eat, you share a mysterious bond. So if you haven’t spent time recently with your friends, invite them over and cook something new together and renew those bonds.
#2 It just tastes better
The packaged stuff has been made not with optimum taste in mind but with optimum shelf life in mind. It just doesn’t taste right. Eating out at a restaurant is hopefully better. There are plenty of Indian restaurants nowadays, even in smaller towns. But not all of them are good. Many of the curries taste exactly the same. There is a clear trade-off between convenience and taste.
#3 Knowing what’s in it
If you have gluten or dairy intolerance or allergies, eating out at Indian restaurants can be difficult. Even if you have no allergies, perhaps you are concerned about the amount of oil or the presence of preservatives. Cooking at home gives you full control over what goes into your food. (Our website shows allergy information and a full list of ingredients for each kit if you are wondering…look for this information under the tabs on each kit’s page)
#4 Bragging rights
And lastly, let’s face it, you don’t get any bragging rights for opening a packet and heating up curry or getting take-out!
There are lots of reasons to cook more at home. This is where, at least when it comes to Indian food, I hope that Veena’s Market makes it easier for you to cook from scratch.
Signing off to make Daal for dinner…and as always,
Happy Cooking!

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